Beaufort Watershed Stewards

Map of Beaufort Watersheds

Map compiled in ArcGIS by Jake Le Breton as part of BWS’s aquifer mapping project.

The brown pins indicate our North Pod monitoring sites, the pink pins are for South Pod monitoring sites, and the green arrows indicate our vertical electric sounding sites. The different shading in the Beaufort Range indicates the boundaries of different watersheds and the creeks that define them.

We monitor 13 creeks; weekly during peak runoff and peak dryness, and biweekly the rest of the year. The creeks are:

South Pod Creeks

  • Mud Bay Creek
  • Waterloo Creek
  • Wilfred Creek
  • Cowie Creek
  • Apple Cherry Creek
  • Tsable River

North Pod Creeks

  • Emily Creek
  • Hindoo Creek
  • Bloedel Creek
  • Hart Creek
  • Copeman Creek
  • Spence Creek
  • Trent River