Announcing Bowser Pod !

Announcing Bowser Pod !

We are expanding! BWS is launching a new stream sampling team, or ‘pod’ as we like to call them, in the Lighthouse area. This will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the health of streams on the eastern slopes of the Beaufort Range. We sample for turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, stream height and note weather conditions. Sampling occurs every two weeks most of the year, and weekly for five weeks during peak rains and peak drought. So 31 times per year we have the opportunity to walk stream-side, note conditions and contributed to the hyrdological understand of our water.

There will be six creeks included in Bowser pod’s sampling. They are: Chef, Sandy, Thames, Nash, Annie and Hunts Creeks.

Sharon Waugh and Manfred Winter are leading Bowser pod. They will be responsible for recruiting and scheduling the sampling on Tuesday mornings. Citizen science groups and provincial teams sample at the same time so that data may be compared under the same weather conditions. We provide training sessions for all new volunteers and ensure that new volunteers are teamed with experienced samplers until they are fully comfortable with the process. Our safety protocols require that a minimum of two people sample together.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bowser Pod or would like to learn more about BWS, please contact us at We look forward to sharing the fun!

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