Refundables: A Major Operation

Refundables: A Major Operation

For those of you following the activities of Beaufort Watershed Steward, you may already be aware that refundables (cans, bottles, certain dairy and tetra pack containers) are a key source of revenue for BWS. We have an impressive collection, sorting and delivery process run under the careful guidance of Lise LaguĂ«. We source our refundables from two main sources: Lighthouse Feed and Garden (thank you Brian!) and Comox Valley Waste Management. BWS volunteers do all the sorting of the cans, bottles and containers at our “facility”. To manage the quantity of refundables, we have invested in a shelter tent and several of the large sorting bags that you see at the recycling depots. Once sufficient sorted refundables are processed our refundable collection firm picks up our load.

As always, pictures are worth a thousand words! This is the picture story from our last pick up. Photo credits: Jill Chudleigh.

The light-weight sorting.
Our Engineers set their minds to a constructing a long portable truck ramp.
The glass-filled bags are very heavy!
It’s all teamwork.
Job done!

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