Our Web Maps are Live!

Our Web Maps are Live!

Click for: 3D Satellite Map or 2D BWS Sampling Map

Over the past three months Jake Le Breton has been working to assemble a multitude of data, maps and images to create online interactive maps of the Beaufort Watersheds.  The maps have multiple layers and you can click to view the following in combinations of your choice:

  • Satellite image of the Beaufort Mountain Range
  • Creeks and lakes in the watershed
  • Watershed boundaries
  • BWS Stream sampling sites for North and South Pods
  • Vertical Electric Sounding sites
  • Photos taken by BWS volunteers at specific sites
  • Audited control ground wells
  • Clickable data:  bedrock elevation and GPS co-ordinates

Stream Sampling data are acquired and audited by BWS volunteers at a minimum of every two weeks from Royston to Union Bay (North Pod) and Buckley Bay to Mud Bay (South Pod).  We have been doing this since 2018 using the protocols laid out by the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Vertical Electric Sounding sites are where we obtained geophysical data (apparent resistivity) in collaboration with the University of Victoria in the summers of 2021 and 2022. This involved over 20 days of scouting and fieldwork. The data that are clickable on the map are ground elevation and interpreted bedrock elevation.

Audited Control Ground Well data were obtained from the BC Government GWELLS Groundwater Well Data Base.  The wells that are shown were selected by BWS to be useful for geological control and proof of concept for the vertical electric sounding technique.

Various public data were also used to construct the maps.  The web map contains information licensed under the Open Government License – British Columbia. To see more details of the Open Government License, follow this link. Other sources include: Esri Canada, Airbus, US Geological Survey, Natural Resources Canada, Parks Canada, and are noted at the bottom of the webmap. 

This version of our map is intended for general public exploration.  Those who are interested in digging deeper may go to the following sources:

  • Collated BWS stream sampling data can be found on Datastream BWS beta test site.
  • More complete, unaudited well data can be found at the Province of British Columbia GWELLS site.
  • A complete description of the 2021 Vertical Electric Sounding program can be found here.

MANY thanks to Jake for all his hard work, and have fun exploring!

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