First Steps in Aquifer Mapping Published !

First Steps in Aquifer Mapping Published !

The full report of our 2021 electrical resistivity sounding findings has been published in the December 2022 edition of Water Science Series. This is part of the ongoing collaboration between the University of Victoria and Beaufort Watershed Stewards. Victoria Pereversoff was a Earth and Ocean Science student working with Dr. Lucinda Leonard and Dr. Mike Wei; this was Victoria’s honours project. In the first year of data collection we were evaluating resistivity surveying as a cost-effective aquifer mapping tool for in-filling sub-surface lithology between sparse control well points, toward a goal of generating a 3D map of important aquifers. This is critical in the eastern slopes of the Beaufort Watersheds as there are limited existing data on the extent of our aquifers.

The conclusion in the executive summary states: With an understanding of the local stratigraphy and the resistivity calibration of important units encountered in the control wells in this initial project, it should be possible for future resistivity surveying to contribute to mapping of significant aquifers in areas of the Beaufort Watersheds that lack control wells. The geophysical methods utilized have additional potential applications for aquifer characterization. These include, but are not limited to, evaluating aquifer vulnerability to contamination by mapping the presence, absence and relative thickness of confining sediments, and ground truthing sea water intrusion vulnerability by mapping the depth and lateral extent of the brackish transition zone between fresh water and sea water in coastal aquifers.

The full scientific report is 69 pages and may be obtained via the link below. We are excited that other watershed stewardship groups have already approached us to learn how the methodology may be applied in their work.

Pereversoff, V.G., L.J. Leonard, M.I. Lake, M. Wei, and S. Barroso, 2022. Evaluating the use of electrical resistivity sounding to characterize aquifers in the Beaufort Watershed, B.C. Water Science Series, WSS2022-08. Province of British Columbia, Victoria. Article Link.

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