Resistivity Project: Mapping Our Aquifer

Resistivity Project: Mapping Our Aquifer

Over the last two summers the University of Victoria (UVic), in conjunction with BWS, conducted a series of Vertical Electrical Soundings – resistivity surveys (VES) on the eastern flanks of the Beaufort Range, eastern Vancouver Island.  

The purpose of the project is to evaluate resistivity surveying as a cost-effective aquifer mapping tool for in-filling aquifer geological information between sparse water well control points. The goal is to generate 3D maps of important aquifers. A VES will yield a profile of depth (down to 80 m) vs resistivity (a surrogate for geology). This is nicely illustrated in the EarthImager specification sheet that follows.

EarthImager specification sheet

In the summers of 2021 and 2022, a total of 19 resistivity surveys (VES) were completed between Qualicum Bay and Courtenay on the east coast of Vancouver Island (see maps below). A paper on the 2021 VES data will be published shortly in the Water Science Series, a BC Govt Publication.

BWS 2022 Map of Vertical Electric Soundings
BWS 2021 Map of Vertical Electric Soundings (VES) along with Control Wells