Protecting Our Watersheds: Tools for Action

Protecting Our Watersheds: Tools for Action

Photo credit: Bob Ell

The following three-step process outlines actions for the public to take when advocating for forest and watershed protection on Vancouver Island. Links are provided to all key documents and particularly useful sites. It is our collective voices that will bring about change.

Step 1. Become Informed

  1. Learn what is happening in our watersheds.
    • Learn why Vancouver Island is unique. 🔗
    • View 37 years of time lapse changes in our watersheds.  🔗
  2. Access evidence-based reference sites.
    • Evergreen Alliance is a BC coalition of citizens, foresters, scientists and journalists providing information on conservation of BC forests.  🔗
  3. Learn how BC legislation does and does not affect rates of logging.
    • Managed Forest Council website. 🔗
  4. Understand the limits of our outdated Private Managed Forest Land Act.
    • The 2003 Act 🔗
    • 2019 review of the Act 🔗
  5. Learn from examples of effective local action.
    • Mission Municipal Forest 🔗

Step 2. Spread Factual Knowledge

  1. Engage family, friends and colleagues. 
  2. Share factual information on your social media.

Step 3. Write BC MLAs

  1. Note the unique circumstances that puts all of south east Vancouver Island at risk.
  2. Insist that the rate of harvest on Private Forest Land be regulated to protect our watersheds.
    • Reference the Private Managed Forest Land Act review 2019. 🔗  
    • This act has not been reformed since 2003 and it needs to change!
  3. Addresses for Members of BC Legislative Assembly 🔗

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