An Informative Town Hall

An Informative Town Hall

Photo credit: Bob Ell

We launched Earth Day celebrations on April 21 with a Town Hall at the Fanny Bay Hall. The main event was a review of the Beaufort Watershed Stewards’ Watershed Health Report Card for Mud Bay, Waterloo, Wilfred and Cowie Creeks. The full report is posted on our website. The author of the report, Dave Weaver is a retired professional forester and Vice-President of BWS. He explained the role of intact forest canopies, tree spacing, road construction, the number of road crossings, sedimentation of streams, and equivalent clear cut area on the health and functioning of our watersheds.

The Comox Valley Photographic Society provided drone and airplane videos of the Beaufort Watersheds to provide an unforgettable impression of the extent of logging in our watersheds. Daniel Arbour, CVRD Director Area A, and Jessie Kelter, CVRD Board Chair, both attended and expressed support for the work done by BWS.

With audience participation we have a whole new glossary of techy forestry terms and a new appreciation for what the term ‘clear cut’ actually means. Thanks to everyone who attended!

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