Watersheds:  Complex and Under Threat

Watersheds: Complex and Under Threat

From: Glade Watershed Protection Society

This excellent VIDEO from Glade Watershed Protection Society gives a straightforward overview of key issues in how watersheds work and why their protection is so critical. The Glade watershed is located in the Kootenays, but the geography, threats, and reliance on ground water for all our needs are the same as what faces the Beaufort watersheds.

Video initiated by Glade Watershed Protection Society
Produced by Alex Avelino and Alex Magnin
Illustrated by Alex Magnin and Alex Avelino
Narrated by Rose Mayale
Inspired by the writing of Heather McSwan, Member of the Glade Watershed Protection Society
Generous support from RDCK Directors: Tom Newell (Area F) and Rick Smith (Area J), Ramona Faust (Area A), Walter Popoff (Area H) and Andy Davidoff (Area I).

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