Watershed Health Report Card

Watershed Health Report Card

The 2021 Beaufort Watershed Stewards (BWS) Hydrological Health Report Card presents initial data from watersheds on the east side of the Beaufort Mountain Range. Data were gathered in the summer of 2021 and included: equivalent clearcut area percentage, total area harvested, road density, number of stream crossings, total number of landslides, stream turbidity, riparian protection and road maintenance practices. The four watersheds of sufficient size for analysis and their ‘grades’ are: Mud Bay Creek-B+; Waterloo Creek-B-; Wilfred Creek-C-; and Cowie Creek-D. The full report including data appendices may be downloaded using the link below.

Beaufort Watershed Health Report Card

If you have difficulty downloading the file, please email info@beaufortwater.org and we will send a copy directly via email.

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