What We Do

What We Do

Wilfred Creek


The Beaufort Watershed Stewards work to promote the health and resilience of local watersheds in the Beaufort Range and to ensure the quality and quantity of fresh water for the future.  

Stream Monitoring

Stream monitoring is a core component of our activities.  It provides baseline and ongoing data on the health of streams in the Beaufort watersheds.  

We have recently expanded our stream monitoring to include 10 streams that originate within the Beaufort watersheds.  For most of the year we sample biweekly and weekly during summer low flow and fall flush periods.  

Stream temperature is critical for fish bearing streams to ensure salmonid survival.  Turbidity gives information related to contaminants and erosion from human or natural causes.  Dissolved oxygen is required to support aquatic life and is an indicator of stream health.  

Specific conductivity provides a warning of possible salt water intrusion.

Our data are included in the provincial database that tracks the health of streams and watersheds throughout British Columbia. 

Streams BWS Monitors

  • Mud Bay Creek
  • Waterloo Creek
  • Wilfred Creek
  • Apple Cherry Creek
  • Tsable River
  • Emily Creek
  • Hindoo Creek
  • Hart Creek
  • Spence Creek
  • Trent River

Stream Flow Measurement

While our monitoring program is about the quality of the water, flow measurement is about the quantity.  It is critical to know trends in surface water flow as climate warming continues.

We have flow gauges on a select set of streams at this time, but hope to expand this program as we welcome more volunteers.

Well Level Monitoring

A large proportion of residents within the Beaufort watersheds rely on well water.  Beaufort Watershed Stewards monitors a small selection of wells, both community and private. This monitoring equipment provides ongoing data on the quantity and selected quality indices of well water.  

For private wells, the data and graphs of trends over time are shared with owners. 

Hydrological Mapping

We are very excited to be starting a new project to map the aquifers that provide water for those of us residing east of the Beaufort Mountain Range.  This will be accomplished using geophysical techniques.  

This initiative will be the first time any assessment of our aquifers has been conducted.  We currently have limited knowledge of the size and status of the aquifers that we rely on.  

Community Outreach and Education

The Fanny Bay Flyer, our website and Facebook page are our main forms of contact.

We look forward to hosting educational sessions, activities such as watershed walks and town hall meetings.

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