Free Upcoming Lectures:

Free Upcoming Lectures:

1. Why is Groundwater Sustainability Important? 

2. Should the Pandemic Change What I “Do” as a Sustainability Scientist?

Offered by the University of Victoria & Victoria Public Library

Groundwater resources are the most reliable source of freshwater on the planet, so long as they are sustainably managed. In this talk, Dr. Gleeson will reveal some secrets about this invisible water beneath our feet, to help us better understand this crucial resource. He will also reflect on how his research group and colleagues are questioning how, or if, to change their research priorities and practices in response to the pandemic.

Dr. Tom Gleeson is a water scientist and engineer leading the “groundwater science and sustainability” research group in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Victoria. He is interested in groundwater sustainability, regional- to continental-scale groundwater systems and groundwater-surface water interactions. He loves new ideas, food and yoga, and helping people and the world. He received the AGU Early Career Hydrology Award, and founded the global groundwater blogging collective, Water Underground.

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