Expanding On Our Success

Expanding On Our Success

Volunteers Still Welcome!

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Stream Sampling Program Accepted by Province

As you know, we started a stream sampling program last year. We have made the data from this program available to local stakeholders but our goal was always to have it included in the provincial groundwater database. This entails meeting certain standards of sampling and record-keeping. We are pleased to report that the province has deemed our methods and our data acceptable. Now our three streams are part of the province-wide database! We are pleased that our streams (Mud Bay Creek, Wilfred Creek and Cougar/Cowie Creek) are now included in this database. Many thanks to the community groups and individuals that have supported us in this effort. 

Tracking Flow Rates

Building on this early success, we are starting an additional program.  We will now be tracking flow rates for our three streams so that we will have quantity data to go along with our quality data. 

How will we measure flow?

Our measuring tool is an ingenious device, basically a flat piece of plexiglass with metersticks attached. The device is held in the stream crosswise to the flow and the water pressure on one side causes the level to rise against the stick.  On the other side the level drops due to the lower pressure.  The difference in height on the two sides is a function of velocity at that point. Taking the velocity at numerous points across the stream allows us to calculate the volume of water flowing in the stream. 

Volunteers Needed

We can still use more volunteers to help with the added workload. More volunteers means more data. If you like the idea of wading around in our gorgeous, running streams in the hills of the Beaufort range with a plexiglass stick and a bunch of enthusiastic stream monitors, Drop us a line!

Cougar / Cowie Creek
Cougar / Cowie Creek

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