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BECOME A CITIZEN-SCIENTIST WITH BWS! Last year we focused on QUALITY. We began a program to gather data for three local streams, monitoring and recording specific elements of stream health.

     This year we’re adding QUANTITY. We will begin measuring and recording flow rates for those same three streams in addition to our quality measurements. 

     Establishing an organization like BWS requires a lot of meetings. We don’t mind meetings because they are an important communication tool. But our favourite times last year were when we left the meeting room to go into the woods. Our sampling locations are for the most part well off the beaten track. They aren’t far physically from civilization but they feel like it. They feel like they could be decades removed in time, back when we roamed the woods as kids. Or even hundreds of years before that, before Europeans came to the island.

     Would you like to join us? This is your chance to become a full-fledged citizen-scientist! (Training provided). This is your chance to don hip waders and tromp around in the bush with other like-minded souls. At this point we are contemplating three streams, once a month. If you’re interested send us an email at We’ll notify you of the orientation session and any further training sessions. 

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