Beaufort Watershed Stewards

Our Mission

The Beaufort Watershed Stewards work to promote the health and resilience of local watersheds in the Beaufort Range and to ensure the quality and quantity of fresh water for the future.

Watershed Health Report Card 2021

Protecting our Forests: Tools for Action

The Land

We respectfully acknowledge that the watersheds we depend on are on the unceded traditional territory of the K’ómoks, Pentlatch and Qualicum First Nations, the traditional keepers of this land.


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Reflections on 2022

The year is winding down. Daylight hours shrink as we slide towards the solstice. Before long we’ll begin again the slow ascent to brighter, warmer days. It’s a good time for reflection, for assessing the year past, and for planning the year to come. In many ways, 2022 was an …

Science is Incremental

In 1912, Alfred Wegener proposed the idea of continental drift. The complementary shapes of western Africa and eastern South America were one bit of evidence. The chemical similarity of minerals on those two coasts was additional evidence. But no one could explain how continents could “drift,” so the idea was …